Irish Planning Awards 2017/2018

The Irish Planning Institute is pleased to invite entries for the 10th Irish Planning Awards. The awards will be presented at a black tie gala ceremony on Thursday 8th February 2018 in the Grand Hotel, Malahide, Co. Dublin.

The Irish Planning Institute seeks, through the Irish Planning Awards, to highlight innovation and achievement in Irish planning. The Awards acknowledge the diverse range of plans and projects on a national and international basis taking place in complex and dynamic planning environments.

The awards:

  • Demonstrate to the general public and to the planning and other associated professions, successful and innovative planning projects and developments through which the quality of life of the general public is enhanced and improved, socially, economically and environmentally.
  • Promote create and enhance conditions favourable to the promotion of sustainable development.
  • Illustrate the diversity and wide scope of planning activity today: in regeneration of urban and other areas, economics and leisure, transport and traffic management, as well as promoting economic and social cohesion and enhancing cultural identity.
  • Demonstrate clearly the advantages of the participatory planning process, facilitated and enabled by professional planners, showing how the cooperation between and the direct participation of stakeholders, local authorities, development agencies and interested public can have a synergistic effect of benefit to the whole planning process.
  • The scope of the subjects to be considered for the awards embraces published plans and studies, projects involving community participation, and significant physical development, either at a trans-national, national, trans-regional, regional or at a local scale. The themes or topics are freely chosen, they do not have to be considered of “national relevance” to be submitted.

Award Categories

There are seven different nomination categories. Any plan, project, program, tool, process, or report entered must have been published, implemented, or completed within four years of the nomination deadline and can be entered into one or more categories.

  1. Plan Making
  2. Participation and Engagement
  3. Implementation and Delivery
  4. Design
  5. Planning and Economic Development
  6. Planning Workplace of the Year
  7. President’s Choice Award (this category is not open for public entry)

Please note: International examples may be submitted for categories 1-6. Nominations can be made under more than one category

Closing Date: 3pm on 13 October 2017

1.Plan Making

This category is for plans representing the best of the art and science of spatial planning. This can include plans, projects, strategies etc. and the innovative use of technology in such plans.

2.Participation and Engagement

This category is for plans, studies, strategies and projects which demonstrate how public participation has been effective in changing outcomes. It can include measures to increase engagement and awareness of planning or innovative public consultation. 

3.Implementation and Delivery  

Plan implementation must be a priority for planning authorities to see truly effective planning. This category recognises measures undertaken by planning authorities specifically to implement a development or local plan or Strategic Development Zone. It can include works practices or systems, e.g. in development management or other specific measures such as the vacant sites levy, housing delivery, use of technology to support active land management or sustainable transport, energy or climate change actions.


This category rewards the best in design from urban design or public realm plans to individual projects which respond to their context in an urban or rural setting.

5.Planning and Economic Development

This category rewards projects that stimulate tourism or economic development. 

6.Planning Workplace of the Year

This award recognises employers who demonstrate excellence in customer service and business processes, contribute to the industry and profession, demonstrate corporate social responsibility and impact and innovation. It will recognise workplaces who assist employees in their professional development.

7.President’s Choice Award

The President's Choice Award recognises outstanding achievement in planning. The award is made to a planning organisation, project or individual to recognise their contribution to planning achievement. It is not necessarily awarded every year. It is not open for public entry.

International examples may be submitted for categories 1 to 6.

Entry Requirements

i. A detailed written description of the entry.

The detailed written description should include a citation addressing the following issues:

• Why the project is considered outstanding;

• Clearly identify the input of the planner and demonstrate the added value brought to the project through the involvement of planners;

• Demonstrate the benefits of the project not only to a specific site or area but also where there were benefits to a wider area;

• In the case of public participation clearly demonstrate the results it achieved and the effectiveness of the process / procedures in changing outcomes (before and after scenarios).

ii. All entrants are required to submit the following along with the Online Application Form:

• No more than 15 images and 2000 words (including the title, tables and references) outlining the details of the project, and

• Name and address of a nominated contact person, along with email address and mobile phone number from the organisation/company for all matters arising.

iii. A named contact of the planners - the team or the team leader – actually responsible for the planning input into the selected project, a named contact of the local authority, agency or company which financed the work and the name of the project manager within that authority or agency where relevant.

Enter the awards online here. Further information is available in the entry requirements brochure.

Details of the 2015/16 awards are available here here.

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