The Council is the governing body of the Institute and is directly elected by the Members, by online voting. The President and Officers are elected from within the Council by the Council members.

The current members of Council for 2020/2021 are as follows:


Conor Norton MIPI 

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Vice President 

Brian Keaney MIPI 

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Hon Secretary 

Yvonne McMahon MIPI 

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Hon Treasurer; Convenor, Finance & General Purpose Committee  

Ciara Kellett MIPI 

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Immediate Past President

Joe Corr MIPI 

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Convenor, Public Sector Committee 

Stewart Logan MIPI 

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Convenor, Private Practice Committee

Mary Mac Mahon MIPI 

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Convenor, Membership & Professional Practice Committee; Membership Secretary 

Colm Ryan MIPI 

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Convenor, Policy & Research Committee 

Anthony Abott King MIPI 

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Convenor, Marine Planning Committee 

Paul O'Neill MIPI 



Convenor, Technical & Educational Committee 

Iain Douglas FIPI 

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Convenor, Branches Commitee 

Sarah Newell MIPI 

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