Welcome from President Joe Corr

It is a great honour to be elected President of the Irish Planning Institute for 2018 and 2019 pending the publication of the new National Planning Framework. The National Planning Framework will shape Ireland for the long term and I want to ensure the expertise of professional planners continues to be heard.  Following Brexit, it is also a time of ongoing change in Northern Ireland presenting new opportunities and challenges for planners.

Planning plays a key role in quality of life and I want the planning system to be proactive in the delivery of the right development in the right place with adequate infrastructure in place. The strength of the Irish Planning Institute lies in its membership and I intend to continue to expand and create opportunities for our members during my term.

I will continue the Institute’s work to bring clarity to the term planner to emphasise that professional planners have appropriate qualifications and subscribe to a code of ethics. This will increase public confidence in professional planners by making their knowledge and ethical obligations clear. During my term the Institute will deliver on its Corporate Plan and I will work with our Executive and Council  to ensure the organisation remains fit for purpose and responsive to the changing environment for planning and planners.

My primary objectives during my Presidency are to:

  • Establish a Register of Planners for all qualified planners in Ireland.
  • Work to have Planning Authorities in Development Hotspots adequately resourced throughout the Country.
  • Enhance opportunities for planners based in Northern Ireland to work in the Republic of Ireland following Brexit.

I look forward to meeting our Members across the island of Ireland at national and local planning conferences and events and to engaging with stakeholders to deliver on my objectives above for our Members and the planning profession.

Joe Corr MIPI

President – Irish Planning Institute 2018/2019


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