Irish Planning Awards 2020

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Westin Hotel

Planners throughout Ireland are invited to enter the 2020 Irish Planning Awards.  The Irish Planning Institute seeks, through the Irish Planning Awards, to highlight innovation and excellence in Irish planning. The Awards acknowledge the diverse range of plans and projects on a national and international basis taking place in complex and dynamic planning environments.

Celebrating success and excellence in Irish Planning, the Planning Awards:

·Demonstrate to the general public and to the planning and other associated professions, successful and innovative planning projects and developments through which the quality of      life of the general public is enhanced and improved, socially, economically and environmentally.

·Promote create and enhance conditions favourable to the promotion of sustainable development.

·Illustrate the diversity and wide scope of planning activity today: in regeneration of urban and other areas, economics and leisure, transport and traffic management, as well as promoting economic and social cohesion and enhancing cultural identity.

·Demonstrate clearly the advantages of the participatory planning process, facilitated and enabled by professional planners, showing how the cooperation between and the direct participation of stakeholders, local authorities, development agencies and interested public can have a synergistic effect of benefit to the whole planning process.

For 2020 Awards will be contested across the following categories

Plan Making

This category is for plans representing the best of the art and science of spatial planning. This can include plans, projects, strategies etc. and the innovative use of technology in such plans.

Participation and Engagement

This category is for plans, studies, strategies and projects which demonstrate how public participation has been effective in changing outcomes. It can include measures to increase engagement and awareness of planning or innovative public consultation


This category rewards the best in design from urban design or public realm plans to individual projects which respond to their context in an urban or rural setting.

Planning and Economic Development Award

This category rewards planning projects that stimulate tourism or economic development

Management and delivery

Recognition of management and delivery in planning.  This category recognises both effective and innovative management and success in delivery in planning. We want to recognise the contribution of planners and organisations in exemplary and innovative practice in management and delivery in any of the key areas of planning, be that plan-making, development management, and programme and project management.  This category will also consider the central and leadership role of the planner within multi-disciplinary teams, relationships with stakeholders, and the use of work processes, programmes and technologies for delivery. 

Planning Workplace of the Year

Recognising the vital role Employers play in supporting planning professionals in their professional development. This category recognises Employers of Planners that have created a stimulating and supportive work environment and a real commitment to the welfare of their Planning Teams, resulting in high staff satisfaction levels and a well motivated, ambitious and integrated planning workforce. 

Climate Change

Climate Change is the greatest challenge facing the current generation and there is greater awareness now of the necessity to link planning and climate change if it is to be effectively addressed. The potential type of projects/plans for this category can include education, energy, transport, green infrastructure, flood resilience

Across all categories, the scope of the subjects to be considered for the awards embraces published plans and studies, projects involving community participation, and significant physical development, either at a trans-national, national, trans-regional, regional or at a local scale. The themes or topics are freely chosen, they do not have to be considered of “national relevance” to be submitted.

Winners across each category will be announced at the Irish Planning Institute Awards Dinner, held at the Westin Hotel Dublin on 27 February 2020.



We look forward to receiving your entry.

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The Irish Planning Institute