Stakeholder Workshop

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9:30am - 2:00pm
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Wood Quay Venue
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You are invited to a stakeholder workshop in support of a new webtool to assist the preparation of Local Authority Renewable Energy Strategies – LARES. This invitation-only event will be an opportunity to discuss and agree on the data content, timing, constraints, opportunities and mapping/ modelling criteria to be incorporated into the webtool.

Why you should attend: The webtool will eventually be available to all and will be of particular use to local authorities who will be preparing or reviewing their LARES either as part of, or after the Development Plan review process. It will also facilitate the work of consultants in the preparation of planning applications, and be of relevance to private sector developers and the general public.

To ensure that the webtool is designed to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders, this workshop will take place in the Wood Quay Venue on the 20th of November 2019. To confirm your participation in this workshop, please contact the project team at before Tuesday, November 5th. Further details will be provided closer to the workshop.

The Project and its Goal The online mapping tool, or webtool, is currently being developed to support the preparation of Local Authority Renewable Energy Strategies (LARES). The focus is on wind, solar, wave and tidal, geothermal and biomass renewable energy sources. The project is funded by the SEAI under their R&D Programme and is a key measure in the delivery of a low-carbon economy.

The webtool will provide users with a robust evidence-base to inform renewable energy planning and decision making in Ireland. It will also provide users with the data and modelling capacity to examine environmental and planning constraints and opportunities for the sustainable development of renewable energy. The overall goal is to ensure consistency in cross-boundary planning and decision making to inform public, private and community-led development and investment in renewable energy.  





9.30AM TO 2PM