Introducing the Finance and General Purposes Committee

Emma Pillion MIPI

Convened by Treasurer Emma Pillion MIPI and chaired by Ciarán Tracey FIPI, the Finance and General Purposes Committee also includes the Vice-President Brendan Allen MIPI, Joe Corr MIPI and Philippa Joyce MIPI. The Finance and General Purposes Committee considers and advises Council on the financial affairs of the Institute and is also responsible for a number of key initiatives such as the National Planning Awards, marketing and branding and commercial arrangements. 

Emma Pillion was the organiser of the 2016 National Planning Awards presented in Dublin Castle earlier this year and the committee will shortly begin work on the categories and arrangements for the next awards which will open for entries in mid-2017 and be presented in early 2018. 

The committee is responsible for monitoring the levels of subscription payments and the preparation and monitoring of the Institute’s budget.

Every year the Institute’s council is recommended to adopt a balanced budget. Each element of revenue must be justified on an annual basis, and the Institute continues to monitor budgets closely throughout the year. The Institute is increasingly focused on being member-centric and ensuring existing members are satisfied and maintain their membership.

The Institute values all our members but is committed to addressing unpaid subscriptions in a timely and professional fashion to ensure paid up members receive the highest level of service. The IPI can only succeed in its mission to represent planning and the profession with an active and experienced membership and strong financial foundation. In this regard, we would encourage any outstanding members to pay their arrears and overdue subscription so that the Institute can continue to thrive and provide the best possible services to its membership. In the coming month the Committee and Council will begin the process of removing members who have not paid for 2016 from the register of members. However, as referenced also in last year’s Annual Report’s Treasurer’s Report, the loss of even one Member is very undesirable; this is exacerbated where that Member has considerable planning experience, expertise, or served the Institute well.

The Committee is also responsible for overseeing commercial arrangements, sponsorship, marketing and branding and ensuring Institute compliance with data protection and health and safety requirements.  In addition the committee assists other committees on joint-committee tasks such as increasing membership numbers, increasing member’s benefits and any other tasks which may arise.

The future challenge for the Institute will be ring-fencing expenditure for current and future Corporate Plan activities and establishing new revenue streams, while ensuring subscription income stabilises and provides a platform for growth.

Emma Pillion MIPI
Honorary Treasurer