Planning Policy Statement Members' Consultation

At the beginning of her term President Mary Hughes discussed her objective of promoting the role of planning and the planner, a key part of which is developing a Planning Policy Statement in consultation with members. This is in keeping with Objective 6 of the Corporate Plan to advance planning and the profession.

This Policy Statement is intended to reinforce the professional value of planners and provide a clear statement on the IPI’s direction for planning to promote strong communities, a strong and viable economy, and a clean and healthy environment.

The Policy Statement will:

  • Explain and define planning and its profession to effectively respond to the growing scope and sophistication of planning and its requirements, This will be useful as the Institute continues its work promoting planning and the professional to the public and others and countering unhelpful myths and criticisms.
  • Provide a framework and an agreed Institute position within which more detailed Position Papers can be prepared on individual topics when and if the need arises.
  • Set out the Institute’s recommendations for the betterment of the planning system in certain areas on the basis that there is a presumption in favour of sustainable development and the common good.

An Issues Paper has been prepared to facilitate discussion amongst members.  It seeks to set out the IPI’s existing policy position in certain areas and then asks a number of questions which are intended to guide and further develop IPI policy positions. 

In addition to exploring the role of the planner, the Issues Paper focuses on eleven key areas agreed by Council:

  1. Planning System
  2. Plan-making and Place-making
  3. Information, Communication and Public Engagement
  4. Development Management
  5. Fiscal Policy
  6. Economic Development, including retail
  7. Assessment of Environmental Impacts
  8. Energy and Climate Change, including transport
  9. Housing and Settlement
  10. Marine Spatial Planning; and
  11. Landscape Character and Landscape Management

In certain instances there is no existing policy position, simply because the issue has not been discussed at Council level and an agreed position has not been arrived at.  In such instances we need your feedback to shape an agreed position and framework. This will inform our submissions on the upcoming planning bills also so we also welcome comments in relation to matters of detail.

Feedback and opinions from members are welcomed up until Friday 17th October 2014.  Thereafter all information received will be reviewed and a draft Planning Policy Statement prepared for consideration by Council. Your comments are welcome to or feel free to call us on +353 (0)1 878 8630.

Indeed it may be a case that you do not agree with existing IPI policy positions and if this is the case then we also want to hear from you.  Furthermore you may be of the opinion that we are missing a key theme that requires a policy framework.  No matter what you have to say we want to hear from you.

Click here to download the Planning Ahead Issues Paper