Planning, Climate Change And Energy in Ireland Irish Planning Institute Guide

This guide is part of the competence building programme of the SPECIAL project on planning and energy. It also captures the experiences and best practices models from SPECIAL partners through case study examples. Click here to download.

Contents include:

  • The need for integration of energy and spatial planning: the SPECIAL Pan-European Guide
  • The Modular Approach to Up-Skilling in the SPECIAL Project
  • SEAPs and Advancing evidence based energy policy in Ireland
  • Planning for Sustainable Energy
  • The ECTP Biennial and lessons on energy planning 
  • Energy Mapping for Energy Opportunities in Dublin City
  • The Swedish Sustainable Municipality Approach

Case Studies:

  • Grangegorman DIT Campus
  • Nine Elms & Battersea Power Station London – energy opportunity mapping
  • Renewable Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg in Germany
  • The Territorial Energy Concept, Geneva in Switzerland
  • The EU Covenant of Mayors Approach to local authority energy commitment
  • Community Energy in the UK: Planning, Development & Delivery
  • GLA District Heating Manual for London Planners
  • Western Harbour, Malmo – the comprehensive planning approach for 100% locally renewable energy
  • Re-municipalisation of energy in Germany
  • Fornebu, Norway – Energy solutions in the regeneration of a major brownfield site