Report of the Inter-Professional Task Force on Property Boundaries

In 2008 two position papers were published by the Law Society and the Irish Institution of Surveyors respectively on the advent of eConveyancing and the Reform of Boundary Surveys in Ireland. These bodies agreed that the two papers were complementary as the Law Society’s paper targeted improvements to the Land Registry’s title register and the Irish Institution of Surveyors targeted improvements to the Land Registry mapping database.

As a consequence of these two initiatives an Inter-professional Task Force on Property Boundaries was established in April 2009 to examine the proposals for reform with members drawn from six institutions; The Bar Council of Ireland, Engineers Ireland, Irish Institution of Surveyors, Irish Planning Institute, Law Society of Ireland and The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland. The Chairman of the Group was Dr. P. Prendergast of DIT and Engineers Ireland were represented by Gerry Healy, Colman Horgan and Gordon White.

Each of the professional bodies was asked to identify issues related to boundary mapping in Ireland which were of concern from their perspective. This was followed by a colloquium to widen the debate and to evaluate if the concerns thus identified were valid. This process established that the concerns were more prevalent than expected and a further investigation was thus vindicated.

Workshops, electronic surveys of property professionals (with 323 responses) and collation of statistics confirmed that 78% of the respondents had specific experience with existing boundary mapping. This prompted further workshops to provide guidance on feasible solutions. This analysis manifested itself in the document entitled “Towards the Registration of Defined Property Boundaries in Ireland” which was launched at a function in the Mansion House, on Friday, 4th April 2014.

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