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Environment & Natural Resources

Bullock, C, Collier, M (2011) ‘When the public good conflicts with an apparent preference for unsustainable behaviour’. Ecological Economics, 70 (5), pp.971-97. Click here for full text

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EPA. (2016) 'Research 188: Integrating Ecosystem Approaches, Green Infrastructure and Spatial Planning'. Click here for full report

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Governance, Law, Ethics

Fox-Rogers, L. and Murphy, E. (2014) 'Informal strategies of power in the local planning system'. Planning Theory, 13 (3):244-268. Click here for full text

Fox-Rogers, L, Murphy, E, Grist, B (2011) Legislative change in Ireland: a marxist political economy critique of planning law. Town Planning Review, 82 (6), pp.639-668. Click here for access

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Housing & Settlement

Collier, M, Scott, M.J (2009) ‘Conflicting rationalities, knowledge and values in scarred landscapes’. Journal of Rural Studies, 25 (3), pp.267-277. Click here for full text

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Waldron, R. & Redmond, D. 2016 “We’re just existing, not living!” Mortgage stress and the concealed costs of coping with crisis. Housing Studies, 1-29. Click here for access

Regional & Economic Development

Breau, S. Kogler, D.F Bolton,  Kenyon C. (2014) 'On the Relationship between Innovation and Wage Inequality: New Evidence from Canadian Cities'. Economic Geography, 90 (4):1-23. Click here for full text

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